There could be multiple reasons for this, let's try to rule some of them out.

  1. Is the script integrated properly?
    The script tag must be properly loaded (preferably) in the <head></head> section of your page. See the Guide for details. Your browser's JS console log will show the message TrustPrize: script loaded for account <ID> on correct install.

  2. Is your website loaded using the HTTPS?
    The TrustPrize Opt-in form will only show on websites loaded using the https:// URL scheme. We're taking security and privacy very seriously, and we consider that capturing user personal data over completely unprotected protocols is a no-no.

  3. Are you using Content Security Policy?
    If your website is enforcing Content Security Policy rules (you can use to check) then you must also extend your CSP rules to allow for the correct loading of TrustPrize resources. See the Guide for details.

  4. Are you using the correct competition goal?
    TrustPrize competitions can be created using different "goals". A goal is a way for that competition to manifest itself in the real world and capture user leads (this could be anything from an opt-in form to a Facebook post).

    If you expect your competition to show on your website, then you most likely are trying to use one of the following two goals:
    - "Popup-Box" shows a pop-up form over your website;
    - "Embed" injects the form in the middle of one of your pages.

    Please make sure you're using the goal that you really intend. If you're trying to use the "embed" goal, also make sure you've injected the proper code in your desired custom landing page.

    You can find this code by opening your competition from the  TrustPrize dashboard and clicking on the "Embed" link in the "Edit & Preview" Panel (see the screenshot below).

I all fails, don't hesitate to click on the green chat button in the lower right corner of the TrustPrize page, and ask for our support. We'll be happy to help!

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